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from NIKOLA'S SPIRIT, released June 17, 2012
in a small open space at the foot of a goddess
3 of the shaman of the highest most secret order advance slowly
in vulture costumes
these shadows mingled hypnotically
with similar vultures painting on the white washed walls

you are a fresh squeeze ,something or a version of
for whatever settles after bait tackles
equals what you're stuck with
poisonous sustenance
packaged matriarch for a green fix
my city
wear a headdress address more ego than a tribe
add metal for every patch of skin
like a hunchback freezoid off of eye box cutter Bladerunner
havent got a summer name in the sky
the future just aint what has happen
unless you in that circle
wait isnt that life service order
another ego inflating
you and me oh wow
now if any more sarcasm spills
the sandcastles down for good
keep it in tunnels
only building damn colony
while speeding up on voyaging vogueing
best foot forward
kept me hungry for more
what im talking about
maybe directly inside of you and yours
hope you feelin it
now whats the significants
bound to persistenly handeling business

the day they sweep dead girls from the shore

damaged below shift stepping sticking sap tree
to suck nature reaching inside
keeping the little life creature
tentacle sibilance against aqua innocence
untouched by darkenened clouds
thickened chemical
just a thin molecule clear communicate
from great lengths allow inter um glow
poor bastards belly up
organs play to heartbeat
gotta jellycrush id stay longer if breathing underwater
wasnt already given to a mermaid
but ill return on saturday and thursday
well have a blast of crystalline
and tap our beaks on a seashell
in the deep end where the souls swim like fins from a doll
patched up and waiting for rebirth
morphing in with another exoskelaton
blueprint neon liquid liquid spills into a membrane
pulsateing already excited to see you in the next lifetime
honored n a promise before murky vision
flooded receptors now we lazorbands
from the near life to the bedpan and i can wear
your freekouts on me

the day they sweep dead girls from the shore



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PersephOne Houston, Texas

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